I’ve decided to have a bit of a shake-up of things on Tumblr, and start using my main blog primarily for sharing my own content.

Much of what I’ve posted here in the past has been moved to other Tumblrs. You can find equestrian content at A Change of Rein, museums and history at Museums & Things and Scenes from the Stores, and some sciencey stuff at Mostly Morphology.

Some you can also find shared on Pinterest.

Everything else I’ve decided to keep has been moved to vickyreblogs.tumblr.com. If you’d like to keep following this stream of fandom, cat GIFs and random snark, that’s the place to go.

If you stay following this Tumblr, stand by for more of my own photography! Just, er…don’t hold your breath just yet.


Am not dead!

Well, I kind of am in an internet sense. I’ve moved into a new flat which we aren’t able to get a broadband connection into until 8th June (!) because someone actually has to drill through the wall to install it (downside of flat being recently renovated…).

However, I am loving my new job! It’s great to finally have a real paid job in the heritage sector, and feel like I’m building up me skills by getting real experience, rather than just reading about theory all the time. I’m like, actually DOING it man, and getting paid (let’s be honest, interning is great, but even museum and heritage geeks have bills to pay).

Plus, let’s face it, it’s pretty damn cool that my office is in a 17th-century mansion.

So, here’s a video from the project I’m working on - it’s a contemporary art project aimed at taking a new and fresh look at the garden here at Ham House. As part of our community interaction programme students from LCC have produced a series of animations. This one is probably my favourite at the moment. You can watch the rest here.

Personal. Daisy Sunrise.

Barry M’s Base and Topcoat

No. 7 Sunrise

Rimmel London Clouds

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

I did done start a (temporary) blog. How about that.

Signs of Impending Doom Winter

  • When the cat comes in from outside, he is extra extra fluffy and so appears roughly the side of a Springer Spaniel
  • I just turned the fairy lights on in my bedroom to make it ‘cosy’
  • Walking along the High Street, you get blasts of lovely warm air hitting you as you pass open shop doors
  • I’m not quite so keen to go rushing of to the stables after work every night
  • I start wondering again why I don’t choose a yard that has an indoor school
  • The supermarket strawberries are looking decidedly dodgy

Amazing twitter event happening on the 1st September - check it out!

It’s a bit random, but I thought it was a good title and really I couldn’t believe it wasn’t already taken on blogger. And hey, British.

There will be much changing of background, of course, just based on the fact I CAN thanks to the fabulous http://www.shabbyblogs.com/. But for now I’ve settled on this one.

I have several draft posts in the works. Fun times ahead.

Hateful Little Creatures

Normally I say I love all animals. I am an animal-lover.

I got bitten yesterday. Through denim. I now have a circle on the back of my thigh about the circumference of a large coffee mug. It is bright red, very itchy, and swollen so the centre stick out at least 1/2 inch from my skin. This now apparently happens whenever I get bitten by a certain bug.


They are hateful little creatures.

Been away for a while…

I’ve been on holiday since the 2nd of August!

We arranged things kind of last minute, but me and the b/f popped off down to Bath and the surrounding area for a few days. We have covered the city, including the Roman Baths and a tour of the whole Abbey, Wells and it’s gorgeous cathedral and Bishop’s Gardens and Longleat Safari Park. Good times, especially for me with so many heritage attractions to visit and we’re both happy so long as we have animals to photograph.

Anyway we’ve moved onto Wales now, where we’re visiting my relatives and I’m trying to get everyone on a trip to St Fagans museum. Can’t get enough, me.

Gotta love Sam’s reviews. I usually find myself disagreeing only with very minor points, and usually seeing how he words things results in a ‘Aha! That’s what was bothering me/what I loved so much! Exactly that!’ moment. The comments from the Cafe are worth a read, too.

Spoilers-ahoy, though, so go watch the show first.


So, turns out the new BBC series, Sherlock, is actually a big bag of awesomeness.

Was I expecting something less? It does have Steven Moffat writing, and Steven Moffat did write some of the most wonderful Doctor Who episodes in existence (ok, I’ve never watched old Who).

It makes sense, really, since the new series does have the same kind of humour as new Who. Which is what makes it awesome, really. I don’t pretend to be an original Holmes expert by any means, but from what I’ve read they seem to have adapted it beautifully.

Why do they make series’ with only 3 episodes? Is it to irritate me? It is, isn’t it?